Standleuchten - Tips for Selecting Floor Lamps and Paper Lanterns for The Teen's Room »

 Standleuchten - Tips for Selecting Floor Lamps and Paper Lanterns for The Teen's Room


Your teen's room should have a comfy atmosphere and beautiful decor. You can enhance the appearance and mood of your teen's space using ideas like creative light options. Contemporary lights are designed to not only provide the needed light but also to provide design and beauty. Sprucing-up your teen's space with lighting options like floor lamps (standleuchten) and paper lanterns really can make it stand out.

The floor lamp (Standleuchten) is actually a powerful illumination fixture that comes in several designs, shapes, and also shades. Depending on the size of your teen's room, the decor, and the amount of lights required, you are able to pick the right floor lamp. Floor lamps can be produced of ceramic, wood, metal, or plastic. While metal or plastic are more durable and lasts longer, there are stunning models found in lights made from wood or ceramic.

Floor lamps could also increase a design in your teen's space. A beach design will be complemented by a floor lamp in cheerful colors, decorated with capiz shells or seashells. A floor lamp of metal that has a birdcage-like shade has a antique look, while a cast-iron floor lamp with scallop-shaped shade complements modern decor. Place a floor lamp behind a sofa or by the cozy seat so your teenager can enjoy studying in the focused lighting.

Paper lanterns are generally light, festive and bring a summery turn to your teen's room. You are able to choose to either shop for a paper lantern or assemble one at home. There is a wide variety of designs, colours, and shapes available in paper lanterns. You can hang a large paper lantern in the teen's room or maybe choose to get a several lanterns in various sizes and colors and hang all of them together to provide volume and iridescence to your teen's room. It can be a lot of fun to create your own paper lanterns. Include your teen in the process so that their own taste is better seen in the lantern. You may use hand crafted papers or reused papers to provide the lantern a special texture. Assemble some simple materials just like a set of scissors, a glue stick, coloured rice paper and cardboard. With a design in mind, you can begin creating a lantern with your teen! Placing paper lanterns and floor lamps in the teen's space won't only bring in more lumination but also make a room a lot more colorful and bright.


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